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Revelation Online Aurums News & Guides

Revelation Online Lost Hyphaean Best Farming Guide

   Revelation Online Patches   Patch Notes   PC Games   2018-06-04 08:35:16
Revelation Online has no business with the upcoming World Cup but it’s time for us to cheer for our favorite. Forgive me as the most crazy Revelation Online gamer who love sports too. This Thursday NetEase won’t fool gamers again, they will fulfill their promise for gamers to merge some servers that currently vacant in population. It’s a good news for gamers who want their server be more lively and crowded in some extent. We congratulate for your new server and provide some gift for loyal RO gamers.

Revelation Online Lost Hyphaean

Back in the day I had some really good gear and stuff but obviously that means nothing right now. How hard would it be to actually find groups for instances that will accept an under geared player for the harder dungeons? Just as you trust us, we also provide you the Cheapest Price for the Cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins for your account without extra charges. I asked again to get a clear answer about Aurum already in-game and spent, after purchasing Aurum during this promotional event, but not transferred, so as soon as a moderator get the answer from a Community Manager department.
It’s time for initialing the Pirate Invasion version of the guild bosses event this summer, your guild will even lose guild resources if the guild cannot defend the base within 20 minutes. In my opinion it's not the time to think about the benefit for having to play in different servers. In some servers it's even hard to do Quests, we’ve no time for wasting in dungeons and battle arena, servers are barely alive plus a lot of people already migrating to a recently a new published game. Might as well do cross server with EU server and combine all the US servers too. Just my a cent worth anyone entitled to their own opinion. If you top up 50 million aurum and don't spend it and use the aurum already on your character in-game, you need not to care about the bonus brought about by your close friends.
I used to have a stable farming group and we were among the first people to attempt dungeons. I'm assuming that nowadays with fewer players there are a lot more static groups and nobody is looking for a random healer anymore. Do not distaste our product, it’s already the best and Cheap Revelation Online Aurums in the market. The population is sinking hard and getting gear is also hard because you have to farm forever and have to search forever if you do not have a good guild to help you maybe new server but is difficult. So I delete all my net friends after this issue.

Revelation Online Peace Valley

How about sell your account of Revelation Online to us? We are not only a traditional online game news station, but also a store for gamers to exchange their account and in-game currency. This time the product will be Revelation Online Account and RO Imperial Coins and the most precious Aurums. How about spending a little money in the game to let you become prestigious in the game, and then female games will entangle you day and night.
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