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Order & Chaos Online Gold News & Guides

Order & Chaos Online Elemental Mage Build Guide 2018

   Mobile Phone Games   MMORPG   Order & Chaos Online Guide   2018-04-02 08:46:05
Mage cast fatal spells destroy enemies in sight, resort to their power energy of elements in air. Mages can be built as Stargazer and Elemental, the former one more like healer, the latter one mainly focuses on offense. In most of MMORPGs, mage is a versatile class and acceptable for all kinds of groups, for PvE for PvP of for quests. Mage is one of most popular class for female gamers, for its attractive appearance and attacking method, to cast fireballs or lightning or blast of winds. If you want to make a decent grown Mage of Elemental you can now follow our Order & Chaos Online Guide, many of our customers recommend our site to their friends for our Cheap Order & Chaos Online Gold and detailed Order 7 Chaos Online all classes guides.

Order & Chaos Online Guide

Elemental Finishing, for example. Each talent point you spend is vitally important so when building up your tree don't spend any arbitrarily. Elemental finishing does a ton of damage, it is a must. if you cannot get water prison, then at least get elemental finishing, it takes a long time to cast but it does mad critical cast time. This time Gameloft will prohibit gamers utilizing this awesome trick to get reward. Farming and Forging will be detouring in the game. There’re no perfect plan to solve this problem yet, but you can ignore it because you now have the best store to buy Cheap Order & Chaos Online Gold. Some spells like Asteroid Belt can keep your ally very safe but have a side effect, using this setting will decrease this side effect and make you  have more chance to cast these powerful healing spells.
Once you've used Cyclone, your opponent is probably dead, but if they've managed to cling onto life and Water Prison has worn off, you need to use Fire Barrage to interrupt their come-back spell. Once you've done this, hit them with Shock Wave. Mages who used FML set to increase spell crit damage can no longer use FML set and S3 bonus no longer works in increasing spell damage. Basically, all S3 mages have just been pooped on. All their gear and gems they've worked hard to accumulate is not going to help them even if they decided they wanted to spec Stargazer.

Order & Chaos Online Elemental Mage 2018

The land is divided up into various areas. Each area has a level requirement to be able to gain access to it. Once that level is reached, you’re good to go from that point on. When you select your race, that’s what decides your starting area. Cheap Price Order and Chaos Gold is for Sale at our site, when you browsing our game guide and tips you can have a look on it, it may help you make a name on leaderboard easily! With humans and elves, you’d start in Ancient Forrest, Fallen Leaf. Repeatable quests are just gathering quests, you gather 10 of a certain item and turn them in for xp and gold, these quests can be done as many times as you wish. With orcs and undead, you’d start in Tanned Land, Roar Military School. With Flame Knights, you start out at level 65 in Sanctuary, Flare Island.
To cast spells to ignite your enemies or to froze and slow down your targets in distance will be a so cool combat experience in Order And Chaos Online. If you tried the hunter class, you will be much more excited when you kill your enemies out of their eyesight. hope you can arrange your time between game and life wisely. To build up your Order & Chaos Online Mage Elemental branch will be a tough work cause it’s a class that need ally to cover you when facing onslaught or ambush. Hope you can enjoy our guide and tips today, and play better your mage in Order & Chaos Online tomorrow. For your information, do not use hack tool, official is not fighting the phenomenon of unfair competition in the game.
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