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MUT 23 Coins News & Guides

Madden 23 Guide: How to Intercept the Ball in Madden 23 Match

When players play matches in Madden 23, you should know some useful skills that help you control the pace of matches in the game. One of these essential skills is intercept. In order to defend the attack from opponents, it is important for players to intercept the ball in the process of passing. So, do you know how to intercept the ball in Madden 23? You can read this article for guidance. Players can use MUT 23 Coins to add good player cards to their Ultimate Team.
What’s the Interception in Madden 23?
Interception is the act of stealing the ball in the air. To perform that in Madden 23, players should hold the LT button to strafe toward the ball and then press the Y button. To do the same on PlayStation, they'll need to strafe with the L2 button and catch the ball with Triangle.
Beginner Madden players can intercept without strafing. For that, they can simply hold the catch button (Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation). This triggers an automatic interception with the closest Lurker to the ball. However, it’s not as accurate as the manual pick.
The key to successful interception in Madden 23 is positioning. Players should ensure that the defender is aligned with the direction of the pass by following the reticle on the ground. They shouldn't get too close to the reticle though, as doing so will alarm the opponent and take away the turnover chance.
How to Intercept a Pass in Madden 23
To attempt to intercept the ball, first, make sure that you have properly lined up the defender with the ball. This means tracking the football in the air with your eyes and having a good sense of where the pass will end up at the end of the play.
Once you have that and the football is within reach of the defender, press Y if you are on Xbox consoles or using an Xbox controller. PlayStation owners will want to hit Triangle.
Interceptions are tricky for a few reasons. For one, ratings are a significant factor in whether one will succeed or the defender has a chance. Stats like Speed, Catching, Play Recognition, Man and Zone Coverage all play a role. That is because many of those influence whether a defender can stay with opposing receivers, handle coverage, and ultimately come away with the ball.
Second, timing plays a role. This has been mentioned previously, but it’s worth hammering this point home. If you try to go for an interception too early, you’ll not only miss but also blow the coverage. Go too late, and there’s no point. Making sure that you hit Y/Triangle takes practice, but it’s a mechanic worth mastering.
The best option will ultimately vary based on the situation. Players can look to intercept in Madden NFL 23 in a short pass to the slot receiver much more safely than 30 yards downfield in a one-on-one situation. Of course, a skillful player won’t even give the defensive side an opportunity to make a play on the ball. Plus, there are other options for forcing a turnover even after the reception is made.
It is not easy for novice players to intercept the ball in the process of matches. You can try to play more matches and find the right timing to make it. Master Interception is really helpful for promoting your performance in Madden 23 matches. Players can Buy Madden 23 Coins to upgrade players’ equipment and improve team ratings.
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