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Archlord 2 Gold News & Guides

How to PvP in ArchLord 2 and Mine Ores Fast

  2018-01-29 09:36:30
ArchLord 2 PvP is an experience-required gameplay in the game, unless you can master the most useful tips inside this walkthrough. Once you find hard to perform the instructions we raised below, you can skip it to practice other tutorial, and then when you’re playing the game you can get familiar with the control and your skills, so you may self-rescued finally. Webzen will time after time update this game in new content, bugs fix, and stability repair, so you needless to worry about the future of the game anymore, just level up to the endgame stage to experience the final mobs and bosses. Crafting will be annoying as most of time you cannot collect all required materials in your bag, you can skip the intricate work by buying gold from our site. Following are the tips for you.

ArchLord 2 Guide Gold

Here is the deal with PvP gear. You can only get PvP gear by collecting fame points in skirmishes (Aquila Arena) 10 if you lose + kills you make 20 to 30 if you win + kill you make. Or you can go and make quest for 5 fame each. But that’s quiet boring and annoying. As crunn you will be very diffcult in arenas because Azuni are stronger at the time, but don’t lose hope just PvP and get LV 30 acessories that’s 2 rings and an necklace. After that you can go for LV 30 PvP equipment or you can just skip to LV 40 PvP equipment which I will be doing.
Webzen is billing this most recent update, and specifically the new lv 55 Dark Stronghold dungeon, as the most challenging ever released. So we come and help you to get through the tough stage of the game by offering Cheapest ArchLord 2 Gold for all of our customers. Teams that decide to take on the challenge have a chance of being rewarded with new level 60 accessories or weapons. Keep in mind that this dungeon is only available in Hell mode.
The game skill system provide every gamer an one-time chance to reset their skills for free. so be carefull and wait to be like level 35 before using this. after to reset skills you have to purchase return orb from the cc shop and go to the skill master of your class and in the skill screen in the "K" key of your keybord to select the skill to reset. To celebrate Archlord's New Expansion Update: The Dark Revelation, we have teamed up with Webzen to give out Free Item gift keys for the game. Just grasp a key and redeem the code! You will simply get the New Expansion Weapon which hasn’t been revealed and Inventory Extension Cash Item. Aside from Archlord Expansion Free Item Giveaway, players can have a chance to experience a 4th battle zone, ‘Shrine’ and an advanced user interface as well as skill re-balances.

ArchLord 2 Review of Crafting and Inventory

Portable inventory expansion process can be a yearly work for every ArchLord 2 gamer, for its difficulty of collecting required items. I was only ever able to find one expansion kit for inventory each game. I never found a weapon expansion in either game and I ended up finding about 6-8 pocket expansions. I searched every building and all the houses in every section of the map. The lack of inventory space is very punishing, especially once you get more suits, weapons and tools. It would be nice if there was a more reliable way to receive expansions. Maybe our site isn't the cheapest store to Buy ArchLord 2 Gold, but our safety and transaction are the best out of question. All of our opponent stores admit it. They would make great side-quest rewards. I find myself constantly dropping things off into a locker or safe so I don't lose my canteens when I refill them. Also when getting the vintage cars parts, had to do it 2x as the parts were dropping in front of the car because there wasn't enough space in my pack. I didn't know until I went to Faraday and she scolded me. I checked my inventory and only had one!
You can find ArchLord 2 Guide related to Crafting, Leveling, Questing, Fighting, and other auxiliary guides and tips from The Archlord 2 News Station will release latest game patch note and new mobs statistics details for our dear buyers. You can Buy ArchLord 2 Gold from, it’s the best store in price, delivery, and payment method. Do not leak your password to strangers, or your account will be compromised. Let us know how your ArchLord advanced after practice this guide’s tips. 
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