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Swtor Credits EU News & Guides

Guide to Farming SWTOR Credits EU

Buying the best gear in SWTOR can take a lot of credits. It isn't necessary to complete the main story, but anyone who wants to fight in PvP at the highest level or complete the hardest raids will need to put some serious time into getting equipped. Efficiency matters for people who want to get to the highest level as quickly as they can, and there are a few great ways to farm credits and get there fast.

Heroic Missions

Heroic missions are the best way for people who like running PvE content in small groups to farm for credits. They're especially good as a way for new characters to farm credits as they level up through the game, since they also offer excellent experience. Be sure to do them in a group whenever you can. Everybody who gets involved with the quest can get some loot, and that means that guildmates who already have all of their gear can pass that loot on to a newer friend to get them into the game faster. These missions also offer bonus rewards when they are done in groups, so everybody profits by working together.

Not all heroic missions are created equal. Some of them are much faster than others, and some offer significantly better rewards for your time. Harder missions offer better rewards, but they can also take longer to complete. Doing the most difficult missions that you can reliably finish will usually give the best payout, but you should always be aware of how long the different missions take you to run. If a hard quest is taking too long to complete, you may be better off switching to an easier, faster one. Focus on the number of credits that you get per minute, not the number that you get per quest. Remember that most heroic missions can only be run daily, so you're going to have to do some that are less than optimal if you want to farm Swtor Credits EU over the course of days rather than months.

Sell the Right Items

Farming and selling valuable items can often be more effective that farming Swtor Credits EU directly. You can and should combine the two whenever you can to make sure that you get the best possible return on your time investment. The value of any individual item tends to fluctuate over time, but there are two broad categories that tend to be valuable: companion gifts and crafting components. They tend to sell quickly over the GTN because people like to buy them in bulk, and they tend to reach high prices relative to the time that it takes to farm them.

Crafting Materials

The best way to farm crafting materials is to run heroic missions that feature a lot of gathering opportunities. Slicing is almost always the best skill to make money this way, since slicing opportunities are both reasonably common and produces valuable resources. Other skills can make significant profits through materials as well, but rarely to the same extent as slicing.

Average gains from crafting materials should be factored into the potential loot from heroic missions and help to guide your choices there. They won't make a huge impact on their own, but they will help to get your hourly gains a little bit higher.

Companion Gifts

Companion gifts are the hidden gold mine in heroic missions. They're a common loot item in those missions, and they can sell for a lot of money if you don't use them for your own companions. You probably don't need to maximize the affection on every one of your companions, so you should sell most of these gifts on the GTN. If you do need to make one of your companions like you, then make sure to farm the gifts yourself rather than buying them. Saving money is the first step on the road to getting rich, and this is one way to save a lot of it.

Companion Missions

Be sure to take one of the crew skills that allows you to send your companions on mission. These can be a major source of Swtor Credits EU at high skill levels, and you don't even need to work to get the credits. Just make sure that all of the companions that you aren't actively using are deployed on missions whenever possible. There isn't much you can do to optimize your earnings with them except to be aware of the value of the items that can come from these missions. Just know what the items are worth and send your companions on whichever missions offer the best value per minute.

Scheduling Matters

The best missions for farming Swtor Credits EU are restricted to daily or weekly completion. Be sure to do them every day or week. They are restricted because they give the best value, so don't let your completions go to waste by skipping days on them. This includes most heroic missions, but also the PvP missions and everything else that can only be completed once per day. If you're pressed for time and have to choose between these quests, always prioritize weekly quests over daily ones. It starts timer counting down to unlock the next completion earlier than if you have waited, and weekly missions tend to offer better rewards than the daily alternatives.
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