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Grand Fantasia Gold News & Guides

Grand Fantasia from Novice to Fighter Berserker and Paladin Build Guide

   PC Games   MMORPG   Grand Fantasia Guide   2018-03-29 09:22:57
Novice is the initial class for every gamer in Grand Fantasia. Once you register an account and login Grand Fantasia, you can create a new character Novice. Although it’s the basic class in the game, it’s also powerful when facing mobs and some normal quests. You can build your Novice to Fighter, Hunter, Acolyte, Spellcaster, or Mechanic. What you want to be, and how you want to play the game, all depends on your idea without any limitation in the game. You can enjoy and relax in the fantasy virtual world when you are tired from real life.

Grand Fantasia Logo 2018

Your first spirit is a very important decision as it’s the only sprite you can evolve as you level up the availability of other gear becomes dependent on how many friends you make or your ability to find other sprites. But there's still one thing waiting to be addressed, how to make more Gold? It can be hard as you grind lonely in Grand Fantasia, but also can be as easy as you think by buying Cheap Grand Fantasia Gold from our site. Keep doing your dailies and grinding in MPT to get that experience up. Also spam FT, the gives a nice chunk of EXP and Grand Fantasia Gold and Prestige too! When you need gold, there are a few top ways. 1st of all, BEG, in these games, there are plenty of generous people.
It’s crucial to make sure you choose the right sprite to start with but the ‘right’ sprite depends entirely on what you want to be. As the temperature is getting higher, gamers' passion toward this game is also revived along with the constant released patches. And our site will also provide more discount code for the Cheap Grand Fantasia Gold. You can choose which town you would like to be in. Buy quill publishing books from merchants to get some cash. Either stay at southern island collecting pirate bandanas or start doing merchant rep right away at Angora Island. The merchant rep quest is a good choice, since you can combo it with the sunbird meat rep. There is not a hack that gives you money. Well it does but it doesn’t work it just says in your inventory that it has that much gold but it is not true.

Grand Fantasia Fighter Warrior Berserker

You can exchange your blade as real money if it’s really good and attractive in markets. Your account will be very valuable if you build your character carefully as it’s your son/daughter. Once you want to AFK from Grand Fantasia, you can sell your account or Grand Fantasia Gold to us or to your close friends. But never let unreliable guys know your password, there’re too many bad guys online. If you want to Buy Grand Fantasia Gold, do not convince online seller who find you in the game and tell you he/her has cheap gold for you. Our Grand Fantasia Guide will let you know how to protect yourself in the game and earn lots of gold by hand-farm and quests.
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