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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Lapis News & Guides

Final Fantasy XIV FF14 Newest Patch 5.4 is coming Around Early December, Entitled FUTURES REWRITTEN

Square Enix will release the next highly anticipated 5.4 patch of Final Fantasy XIV on December 8, 2020, called Futures Rewrite update. This highly anticipated update will be a very important patch. It introduces many new content to the game and brings more new experiences to players. The "Futures Rewrite" disclosed in the latest letter from the producer team of "Final Fantasy XIV" will bring new story content, new raids, and more to the ongoing MMO.

The raid in "Future Rewrite" has been revealed as a promise to the Garden of Eden and will see Ryan and Gaia invite players to the "Void" to investigate "whether life continues to flourish in the once barren desert."


Whats New In This Patch?
In the 5.4 patch, the game will add a new raid dungeon called "The Promise of Eden". In addition, a new dungeon named Matoya's Relict will also appear with a brand new trial named Castrum Marinum. In terms of plot, the game will continue the "Eden Poetry" raid series that began at the end of "Shadow Knight". Added the grief of Willett who is a new task in the "New Era" quest line, and will continue to tell the story of the Empire War Machine development project. Fans have speculated that the next boss will be the emerald weapon that has defeated the ruby weapon and the sapphire weapon.
A new trial has been added to the game-Castrum Marinum (Castrum Marinum)-as the existence of the warachina codenamed "Emerald" is confirmed, the Warriors of Light preemptively launches a preemptive strike before they can release this Kind of threat. Players can challenge emerald weapons on normal and extreme difficulty.
New Unreal Experience-Belly Button (Unreal)-Titan's next power-up version will be released to level 80 adventurers in patch 5.4, providing new challenges and a chance to win unique rewards.
New "Explorer Mode"-This new game mode will allow players to take screenshots while traveling through the Shadowbringers dungeon without the danger of enemies. Players can also use this mode to summon mounts and creeps in the dungeon to further enhance their screenshots.
The Chronicle of the New Age – The Sadness of Warlert Update – Players can continue to defeat the wartachina development project of the Empire with Gaius after defeating the Sapphire weapon. However, the newly discovered information hints at another enemy lurking in the shadows: emerald weapons.
Have a nice Happy Game Time!
When the new game is about to be released, everyone is looking forward to it. Since this update has so many new changes: new exploration locations, new experience modes, and continued plots. Like we will be able to have a lot of fun in the game. If you want to experience a smooth gameplay at the end of Final Fantasy 14, then you will definitely need to Buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil.
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