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Crystal Saga Gold News & Guides

Crystal Saga Best Leveling Guide for All Classes 2018

   Crystal Saga Guide   2018-03-01 09:04:46
You can have a try now, the official R2Games has cleared all cheats in the game, now you can have a pure hand-farm gaming environment in Crystal Saga. Benefited from its 2.5D graphics, the game looks cool and clear, contains all necessary UI elements without cumbersome decorations or buttons, the game is also advanced in combat and quest system. There are five playable classes: Paladin, Mage, Ranger, Priest, and Rogue, all features unique skills and model. Once spawned in the hometown, gamers can explore and conquest mysterious areas in Crystal Saga, to rescue the world. In order to level up faster, we post this guide and hope you can benefit from it.

Crystal Saga Priest

When you complete all these Quests daily, its grinding time always grind with doubled experience token, you can set experience tokens in your AFK bar so you can use consecutively, this is perfect for grinding overnight. Join as many Torch parties as possible. Remember that killing monsters 3 levels higher than you will let you get most experience. There's an another way for you to play like a pro in Crystal Saga. We not only update most professional Crystal Saga Guide for our customers, but also Cheap Crystal Saga Gold as well. Or, join a party and use teamwork to farm experience, you will you will gain experience faster that way. The mourn Mystical Scorpion, and higher mounts allow you to ride it when you go into battle, you will fight on it. Note: If you are off your mount and are in battle, regardless of the mount, you cannot mount until you leave battle.
Loyalty points can be purchased through the following items in the Goddess shop. The goddess shop can be accessed via the Crystal Saga Wishing Well in Star glade. From here you can see that these Goddess Blessing loyalty items have the same crystal to loyalty points ratio. This means that higher cost items are the same deal as the lower crystal ones. There are two purposes for Charm points earned from Crystal Saga’s new Goddess Blessing system. You can do the following trade at the Wishing Well as well. This is a good way for non-cash players to earn Crystal Saga crystal points as long as they put in some initial investments.
How to build a decent character for your Crystal Sage priest? There’re three main ways for you. The Holy Build, the Blood Build, and the Hybrid Build. As stated above the Holy Build focuses on Healing and support, the Blood Build focuses on damage and HP and a Hybrid Build focuses on a little bit of both. In the Holy Tree, the first column is your attack skills. They use your MATK and Heal stats to boosts it's damage. The middle column is your heal spells, they use your Heal stat. The last column is your support spells, they increase defense, attack, resurrection, dispel and your regeneration.

Crystal Saga Quest Guide

One thing difficult to upgrade in Crystal Saga is all kinds of wings, because you can get the Heroic Wings from Dungeons and it has a very long step to reach the top. Well for every higher level of your wings, it's getting harder for it to success when upgrading it. Are there no more higher wings than the Angel Lord Wings? But don't know for sure what are the needs. You may need Cheap Crystal Saga Crystals for a further step in PvE and PvP in the game. Do not follow hack tool or guide online or else your account may be banned permanently from the game! For those who want those wings, I wish you good luck! Spirit of Ice is the first soul that focused on your HP and defense. As for Spirit of Ice, there are 8 attributes tree that u can upgrade including the core. Your core must reach level 5 to unlock the Spirit of Brilliance or you won't be able to upgrade your Spirit of Brilliance at level 40.
Once reaches top level, you have another quest to do: explore every corner of the Crystal Saga, and then AFK permanently. Although it’s hard for F2P gamers, and will take numerous of days and nights, to sell your account will be the last lucrative thing you should do. We not only sell Cheap Crystal Saga Gold and Crystals, but also receive AFK account. We welcome all kinds of payment methods and we promise the safety of all orders from our site. If you have new threads of game news and guides, please inform us by email. We will constantly posting Crystal Saga Guide and News for all of our gamers. Hope you can defeat every opponent on your conquering career. 
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