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ASTA Gold News & Guides

ASTA Mage Build Guide Balanced Strategy in 2018

   ASTA Guides   2018-03-03 08:53:46
Mage’s skills are depend on their faction, you join a faction you get a set of skills, when you play another character of Mage and join another faction, you will find your skills are different from former one. So before you create a character and build it, you should decide your faction first. In order to build your favorite Mage in ASTA, you need not only to choose a correct faction, you should also know how to maximize the fighting power of your build and how to play it when solo or group PvP. This ASTA Mage Build Guide will mostly focus on how to cooperate with your partners.

ASTA Mage Build Guide

I chose the healer and there is 2 talent trees, one buffs your heal and the other buffs your damaging abilities, I assume its similar for other classes so it looks like that's all there is to it. You can observe and learn how your opponent defense, and read and predict its next step to make a decisive hit for win. You may need Cheap ASTA Gold as well for an easy conquer. There is not, which is very regrettable. Yeah each class have two talent trees. I find it hard to believe they had such low imagination when designing the classes. the only class diversity is with Warrior you can go offensive or tank. Priest can go damage or heal oriented Outside of that there's no class behind another one. Just classic stuff.
Need to see the cycle of your DPS too. And to check everything, we need a dps meter, that we don't have. In your math case, DPS is the same. But then you have to consider the single-target Onyx Dragon or AoE Ice Dragon skills. I would think Ice Dragon is better for Solo play or party farming, while Onyx Dragon is better for boss fights since it's single target. But I'm still torn and confused. I'm going both Attack and Vitality. A really effective tips. For solo PvE, it's rather useless to rely on Energy as I never ran out of MP. For party dungeons & raids, if you often run out of MP when intense healing, you can aid your Energy. Ora mages have darkness and ice skills. Asu mages have fire and lightning. Basically same skills with different animations. In general, different classes and their different talent specializations will prioritize different stats both primary and secondary over others, and it will not be possible for you to simply push all of them to the maximum.
You will need to carefully choose what you want your character to focus on, and how you want to play your character. This is usually referred to as the character build. Although the game wasn't as popular as its release year, there are numerous of loyal gamers and beginners here everyday. So updating ASTA Guide will be a life-long job for us. While optimizing talents on a contextual basis is the highly recommended method of setting up your build, the talent builds listed below work great for specific purposes. Educating yourself about each talent and knowing it's strengths and weaknesses will help you tailor the right build for yourself.

So, do not be like a moron to ask others about how to build mage in ASTA, and directly duplicate the module on your character and still play it with your own game play style. You need to try to figure out the knacks of this build to master it, instead of combine the awesome build with your poor gameplay and fail in PvE or PvP and complain it a poor build. If not, you shouldn’t learn this build, yourselves are even better for you. If there will be any other necessities for you to reappear this the legend, it will be Cheap ASTA Gold, now the currency of the game is on sale at our site, get here and buy it immediately! We offer online support service for every customer and we promise all goods are safe and cheap. We hope you can enjoy the game since now!
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