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Apex Legends Account News & Guides

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: Release Date, New Legend, Weapon, Map and more

  2021-08-04 08:54:34
The Apex Legends Season 10 is called Emergence, which is on the corner and will be released today on August 3. It brings a new legend and weapon, map changes, and more.


Apex Legends Season 10 Release Date
Like with Seasons 8 and 9, the Apex Legends Season 10 will be released August 3 at 1 p.m. Eastern. The precise release time was included with the update’s patch notes released just a few hours before. A few prior seasons went live around 11 p.m. Eastern at the height of the pandemic in an effort to reduce network congestion, but Respawn is seemingly returning to the recently established 1 p.m. pattern for Season 10. On PlayStation, the Season 10 update is expected to be labeled as version 1.76.
What’s in the Apex Legends Season 10 Battle Pass?
As with every new season of Apex Legends, there’s a new Battle Pass with a bunch of new free and premium rewards up for grabs. There’s also a Seer starter pack expected to drop, so watch this space.
In the free Battle Pass, you’ll be able to get:
·A new Bloodhound skin
·Sets for Valkyrie, Horizon, and Seer
·Win Trackers for all Legends
·Weapon skins
·Apex packs
·Load screens
·Music pack
·Season badge
·300 Apex Coins
In the premium Battle Pass, you’ll be able to get:
·Rare sets for Pathfinder, Lifeline, Bloodhound and Gibraltar
New Legend — SEER
With microdrones and an artist’s eye, Seer spots opportunities that other Legends might miss and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can. Check out his kit in action below.
·Passive - Heart Seeker
Visualize and hear the heartbeats of nearby enemies when aiming down sights to get a clue to their location. Seer is able to “ADS” even while not holding a weapon.
·Tactical - Focus of Attention
Summon microdrones to emit a focused, delayed blast that goes through walls, revealing enemies (and their health bars!), plus interrupting their actions.
·Ultimate - Exhibit
Create a sphere of microdrones that reveal the footsteps of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.
·Class Passive: Recon
Scanning survey beacons reveals the next circle’s location.
New Weapon - Rampage LMG
Next up in Emergence will be the arrival of a brand new weapon, the Rampage LMG. This will be Apex Legends’ first new LMG weapon since the title launched. The Rampage will use heavy ammo and has a minimal amount of recoil. Although it is one of the slowest firing weapons in the game, players who hit their shots on target will be rewarded for their accuracy with heavy damage.
Map Changes
Apex Legends Season 10 also introduces big changes for the battle royale map, as well as additions to Arenas, the 3v3 mode that had its debut last season. And of course, you can expect a balance update to certain characters - both Caustic and Fuse are already on the list for some long-awaited tweaks.
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