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Apex Legends Account News & Guides

Apex Legends' Iron Crown Collection event is now live in the new update

Apex Legends Solo Mode

The video game Apex Legends has finally expanded from team games to providing Solo Mode for players who want to complete the game on their own.Respewn's free Titanfall spin-off, Apex Legends, has become one of the most popular and popular battle royale games on the market, alongside big games like Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty: Blackout.
At the time of launch, Apex Legends was defined as a strategic, lineup-based competition. By choosing a different course, each course has the expertise, and players can find the best combination of roles to maximize the team's tactical potential. Combined with the intense life of the fighting royale genre and the proven and proven shooting mechanism of the developer Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends has set off waves with its unique pop style.
Now, six months after its release, Respawn and publisher EA are shaking the addition of single-player games to Apex Legends. In addition to the standard three-person team, as part of the two-week Iron Crown Collection event, a new model has been added to the game. The solo mode has 60 players in the winner-take-all battle. This model is said to be temporary, but Respawn suggests it may become a permanent fixture, and perhaps it will become very popular.

Iron Crown Collection Packs

Single player games are just one aspect of the Iron Crown campaign. The coastal village area of ​​the Kings Canyon in the western part of the town has been completely redesigned to match the personality of Octane's resident thriller Octane. The new flaming ring and jump pads should make the intense shootouts of Octane Town particularly exciting. Even after the Iron Crown, Octane Town is still a permanent fixture for the Apex Legends map.


Of course, the Iron Crown also includes a bunch of new weapon skins, player skins and Iron Crown Collection Packs. These trophy boxes provide a fixed top trophy pool for players who have a specific challenge (or buy them with real money - it is, after all, still A free game. The new player skin is particularly noteworthy because Apex Legends was criticized at the press conference for its unimaginative alternative skin, which is usually a low-key palette rather than a redesign. Open Iron Crown Collection Packs for a 50% shot at an Epic item and a 50% shot at a Legendary item from a set of 24 themed items. No Commons, no Rares, and no duplicates will be included in these packs.
The battle royale market is now very competitive, and this type of pillar tirelessly continues to add new features to the game at an extremely fast rate, lest they find themselves accused of being lazy or tied. This kind of stress usually brings a huge price to developers. In the era of "game as a service", this austerity has become more and more accepted as a cultural norm, but in the long run, time will tell us that this will be so shocking.
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