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  • 5000 FH Steel Credits

    5000 FH Steel Credits

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  • For Honor™ Season Pass

    For Honor™ Season Pass

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  • For Honor Marching Fire

    For Honor Marching Fire

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  • 450000 FH Steel Credits

    450000 FH Steel Credits

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  • 600000 FH Steel Credits

    600000 FH Steel Credits

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Ubisoft developed and released this action role-playing video game for three main platforms in 2017, the sales volume proved that is a successful trial. The game features many classes served as tank, dps, or healer. There are three main types the Kinights, Vikings, and Samurai, each of them has their exclusive classes.Iron Legion, Chosen, and Warborn are the three factions that gamers can join at the beginning of the game. The game doesn’t features too much dialogue or plots, just letting gamers to feel the crucial of war by the game content’s presentation. This is a world of combat, and the tactical combat system in the game called Art of Battle. Player has high freedom to decide how to play the game, the game allows gamers to place their weapon in three ways. The game doesn’t features grand legion melee combat, but focuses on one versus one exquisite solo. You need to maneuver your character to dodge or defense your opponent’s attack, instead of slash no brainer. This game encourage gamers make correct and timely reaction to counterattack opponents, instead of no brainer slashing their sword. Track through the tutorial and instructions to approach on the road of conquering. This is a safe store to buy Cheap For Honor Steel Credits online, if you want to save your precious time to work or relax better. There are no site sells cheaper FH Steel Credits than ours, if you find other site is cheaper you can claim for ten times price gap as compensation. Your gears need to be enhanced before attending higher rank arena. NPCs in multiplayer game mode features higher health than in campaign offline mode. We welcome all For Honor gamers’ visiting.

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