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CSR Racing 2

Standard Packs

Notice: The game has anti-cheat system, if been scaned, your account may be banned, but you can still play offline mode. If you mind please do not order! Standard Pack do not contains Unblock Service! Do not support Refund or Exchange once delivered.
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Progress Kept + 2.1B Cash + 2.1B Gold
  • $ 3.00
  • Progress Kept + 2.1B Cash + 2.1B Gold + 21B Gold Keys + 21B Silver Keys + 21B Bronze Keys
  • $ 5.00

Advanced Packs

Following Packs are smaller and safer, till now we haven't received any ban report.
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Progress Kept + 1K Gold + 100K Cash + 200 Gold Keys + 200 Silver Keys + 200 Bronze Keys
  • $ 5.00
  • Progress Kept + 3K Gold + 500K Cash + 300 Gold Keys + 300 Silver Keys + 300 Bronze Keys
  • $ 9.00
  • Progress Kept + 5K Gold + 800K Cash + 800 Gold Keys + 800 Silver Keys + 800 Bronze Keys
  • $ 11.00
  • Progress Kept + 10K Gold + 1M Cash + 1K Gold Keys + 1K Silver Keys + 1K Bronze Keys
  • $ 13.00
  • Progress Kept + 20K Gold + 2M Cash + 2K Gold Keys + 2K Silver Keys + 2K Bronze Keys
  • $ 18.00

Deluxe Packs

Notice: Unblock Service is used for restoring online mode if been banned! FYI: all legendary cars are get from Rare Imports by Keys!
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Progress Kept + 20M Cash + 500K Gold + 20K Gold Keys + 20K Silver Keys + 20K Bronze Keys + 1 Unblock Service
  • $ 6.00
  • Progress Kept + 30M Cash + 800K Gold + 50K Gold Keys + 50K Silver Keys + 50K Bronze Keys + 2 Unblock Service
  • $ 8.00
  • Progress Kept + 50M Cash + 1.5M Gold + 80K Gold Keys + 80K Silver Keys + 80K Bronze Keys + 3 Unblock Service
  • $ 13.00
  • Progress Kept + 80M Cash + 2.8M Gold + 150K Gold Keys + 150K Silver Keys + 150K Bronze Keys + 5 Unblock Service
  • $ 19.00
  • Progress Kept + Infinite Gold + Infinite Cash + Infinite Keys + Infinite Unblock Service
  • $ 40.00
CSR Racing 2 is a car racing video game on smart phones, features a brand-new gameplay style and delicate graphic. It's different from traditional racing video games: gamers create their account and avatar to drive to compete with other gamers in the way of challenging their shirting skills. Manage to upshift your clutch in proper time to accelerate swiftly. So you needless to control the direction, to corner, to brake and any other irrelative things. Just focus on shifting, and leave other things to your car. Now the game has been in running for more than three years, there are numerous veteran gamers and new starters in the game, the appeal of reducing the price of the in-game purchases are getting hotter over time. But as the CSR Racing 2 is the only type of this type of game, there are no alternative for gamers to replace.
CSR Racing 2 Cash is one of the currencies in the game, which can be earned from winning matches and leveling. You can use it to buy some basic types of cars, sometimes the purchases need a countdown to deliver, when the car quality getting higher, the delivery time will be longer. You can use CSR Racing 2 Gold to reduce or remove the delivery time, but the CSR Gold isn't easy to get – It can be get only from your leveling. So the total amount of CSR Racing Gold are fixed for every gamers. In comparison, CSR Cash is easy to get and infinite but useless when in high level, and many supercars won't support Cash. The Best and Fastest way to get Legend Cars is to use Gold Keys, Silver Keys, or Bronze Keys to bid for some limited edition cars from Rare Imports. is the best store for gamers to Buy Cheap CSR Racing 2 Gold Coins. There are Unlock Service free for you if your account was limited to offline game after purchase, and we promise some small amount of goods that 100% Safe for you. If you want to Recharge CSR Racing 2 Gold Keys with Low Price, you can have a try on our site. It's safe for you to Get Cheap CSR Racing Cash and Keys here. Our CSR Racing 2 Guide will also help you to get through some difficult stages in the game.
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