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Ocean Nomad: Survival on Raft is an ocean survival game, which is developed by UniSoft Games. In this gameplay, players are on ocean exploration on a raft. Your home is an endless ocean. Your neighbors are ruthless sharks, sea creatures and relentless nature. You should catch resources from the water to expand & upgrade your raft and defend it from sharks, and craft Ocean Nomad Weapons, and everything you need to protect yourself and escape from the ocean.
To survival in this tough environment, players need unlimited Ocean Nomad money called Ocean Nomad Doubloons to support them. Players should use them to buy items that need in crafting weapons, and other useful stuff for survival. Or you will need to buy Ocean Nomad Weapons to kill sharks and zombies; otherwise, these enemies would bite you into pieces. You need Iron Spear, Iron Hammer and Iron Hand to support you, which will be the best weapons to smash your enemies into pieces. is the best place to buy these Ocean Nomad Items. Except for these resources, here are some special offers for you, including Survival Kit, Resource Extraction, Fisherman's Tricks and Super Kit.

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    Ocean Nomad: Raft Survival is a popular survival game, where players are floating in the middle of the ocean on a few wooden planks. Your goal here is to collect resources to expand the raft. Craft gear and weapons to fight off ferocious sharks, sail to islands and survive. To keep you survive in the game, below, has listed some...

    2019-06-21 08:55:49

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