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  • Path of Exile Public Truth of Chris Behind Interview of Tencent Unveiled Threads

    Some Path of Exile forum users said they won’t buy any product or games from China, after Chinese video company Tencent, to show their patriotism for their country. But every country has their pros and cons, when one do better in car industry, others do better in online game or corn crops etc. It’s unwise to resist an excellent game lik...

    2018-05-25 08:44:03

  • WildStar Online P13 Dungeons Merchandise Trading Guide

    WildStar Online can be described as the best and hottest online video that focusing on providing a way for gamers to date back to and recall their childhood ages to find back the inner peace inside their deep heart. Carbine Studios isn’t a notable game company but they resort to this game becoming the first tier developer in the world and enj...

    2018-05-21 09:15:44

  • Rappelz Pets Combat Contributor Revolution Update Requirement

    Update 9.4 is the best and most rookie-friendly patch for Rappelz gamers since the game’s release. In order to help gamers to get across the level 150 to 170, the most difficult and grindy period of Rappelz, to reach a higher level stage to enjoy more gameplay content in the game, we are here to go all out to help every gamers to...

    2018-05-18 08:56:06

  • Rift Quest Guide for Amber Throne and T2 Armor Choice

    Rift is an activity in adventures game that greater gifts inside which will move most of gamers froim 100% loyalty to the fantasy world from their previous gaming environment that will help gamers to grasp the rewards from greater rifts. Farming is the slowest process of Rift, that gamers need to imitate other veteran gamers to make friends with ea...

    2018-05-18 08:38:08

  • Final Fantasy XIV Update Under the Moonlight Contents May 16

    Under the much anticipations, heroes continue the fight for kingdom. Every old gamers known that the v1.0 of FFXIV are fail production, and soon went back to the forge for regenerating. FFXIV features more gamers than Mabinogi, and gamers of both gamers shown a phenomenon of FFXIV gamers are more likely to be interested in scenario plots. Adventure...

    2018-05-17 08:48:23

  • Fortnite: Another Growing Points in E-Sports Industry in 2018

    Update 3.6 coming! Full of sincerity that we can see from new items, Clinger, Supply Llamas, Treasure Crates available for Save the World. New weapon Noble Launcher, and other changes have been made to Fortnite in the latest patch. If you want to level up fast or get good gears in the game, you can follow our Fortnite Guide to acquire most awesome ...

    2018-04-27 10:43:08

  • 4Story Collectibles and Best Weapon Crafting Guide 2018

    It’s the best year for 4Story gamers to release their enthusiasm that on the threshold of explosion before the next heavy patch releases. Ineffable gaming feelings just like steps into an outlandish realm that unbridle your imagination. There are everything you can imagine and everything beyond your imagination. Lacquer will be useless when p...

    2018-04-14 09:20:01

  • Soul Weapon is Everything in Soul Worker for PvP & PvE

    SoulWorker is a new online game that many of gamers didn’t know till now. But as a professional online game news stations, we have the responsibility to inform all of our customers and visitors of this thread. There’s a brand-new Japanese Anime Style Online Game called SoulWorker, providing a gameplay experience of watching Ja...

    2018-04-10 09:50:19

  • Talisman Online Very Beginning of Leveling Up Guide

    As the official stated, the game Talisman Online mainly provides a gaming experience of monster conquering and quests completing for gamers. Although the game also provides PvP system, Guild system, Crafting System, they are all service for the exploring. You decide how to build up your character, and get experienced on combat in adventures. There ...

    2018-04-09 09:06:14

  • Iruna Online Adventurer First Class Advancement Guide

    You can land on Iruna Online official site to check for the detail statistics of all classes, maps, towns, pets, equipment, productions, quests, mobs, islands and other minor things, but you will never know how to make you own living in the game, without money! Quests in Iruna Onlien are divided into three parts: Main Quests, Skill Quests, and Othe...

    2018-04-04 08:42:19

  • Pandora Saga Flexible Tanky Warrior Build Guide 2018

    Pandora Saga is a not-so-popular online video game in MMORPG market, but still gained numerous of gamers in the game from all over the world. If you want to save your money and you play the game, you may misunderstand this online game, and you will never success no matter which game you played. To buy a Cheap and Safe Pandora Saga Gold online gift ...

    2018-04-02 09:14:44

  • Devilian Evoker Main DPS Build Walkthrough

    Trion Worlds staple MMORPG Devilian has a mage like class Evoker who deals tons of instant or constant damages to single or multi-targets in melee or ranged distance by her mastery of elements and skills. Evoker is one of main class in Devilian in arena, to build up a reliable DPS evoker need sufficient time, money, and wisdom. The time you ne...

    2018-03-26 09:40:21

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