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ArchLord Gold News & Guides

Pro Gamers ArchLord Guide for Leveling and Wings

   ArchLord Guide   2018-01-25 09:50:55
ArchLord is a fantasy MMORPG developed by NHN Corporation, published for Windows PC in 2006. Now the game has been in its 11 years running, but the game is still in an upward trend. It’s free to play, but never had a player can play the game without spending some cash to level to high level. If you want to play awesome in the ArchLord, it’s necessary for you to read some professional guide for your class, besides necessary investment. Now you can learn something new from the guide about: Questing, Crafting, PvP, Trading, and Character Building. Just follow the following tips for the way to glory.

ArchLord Game Guide PvP

Maneuver your character by mouse, or you can use the keyboard WASD keys to move forward, back, left, and right. The arrow keys (quickly) turns the camera. can also be done with the mouse by right clicking and holding and moving in the direction you want. There's an another way for you to play like a pro in ArchLord. We not only update most professional ArchLord Guide for our customers, but also Cheapest ArchLord Gold as well. Double clicking with the (left) mouse button will allow you to move to the targeted spot. This is especially helpful if you use the mouse to move and you’re traveling through a highly monster-infested area. This way, you don’t accidentally attack a monster.
I don't really think that experience on this server can be low, in any case. If you are motivated and have a little bit of money, making lv.60+ character in one day is fully possible. I know guys who reached lv.100+ in two days. But on lv.20 you can easily go to the caves/mines. Just check the map and look for the cave. Around lv.35 you can go to BG. Than everything is easy, until lv.99. Then go to HH and hit 120. If you ask me where is the best place to buy ArchLord Gold, I'll reply Of course, every veteran ArchLord gamer knows our site. We've been trading online game currency for more than five years. Stop hesitating and Get Free Gold from us. You can also level up in Ice/Poison/Lighting Realms (highly recommended). Of course, this all you can do if you have money for nice gear to survive or a buff char, like Ranger. But if you are a total newbie in ArchLord, there is no problem. Everyone here started with lv.1 char in home village, nobody was 120 from the beginning. If you really struggle to level up - find a guild. Guild members can always help you, with a little Gold (but don't be a beggar) or buffs for easier leveling.
Well if you are one of those people who like to handle only one target at time you need to know this. Always try to kill monsters that are 6 levels higher then you because then you will get the max Exp, or if you can you have the option of going to the caves. Now you can also Earn Free ArchLord Gold by join our Affiliate Program. And you can earn an extra income from the best online game currency store. If you kill any monster 7 + levels higher then you they won't drop anything and they won't give you any exp. Also when you join a party make sure that everyone is either 6 levels higher then you no more. If they are 6+ levels higher then you then you will get exp taken off what you normally get, and also you won't get as many drops.

ArchLord Online Leveling Guide

Just as mentioned above, never rely on sub methods to level up, just do quests and kill more mobs takes way longer. Some people think this is boring, other don’t. For example I don’t kill mobs anymore, I’m level 70 now, and I think it takes too long to level now. So I only PvP from now on. You can grind alone, or team up with other gamers. You may need Cheap ArchLord Gold for a further step in PvE and PvP in the game. Do not follow hack tool or guide online or else your account may be compromised! When you are in a party you can turn split experience option on. So you kill all the mobs together, and one gets 50% of the experience, and the other gets 50% of the surplus. So it’s not that boring. Also archer has defense buffs, knights have HP buffs, so that forms a good couple to grind.
What’s your idea for this ArchLord Guide? If you find it’s not well-rounded, sure it is. You can provide a more detailed ArchLord Guide to us, once adopted, you can get huge discount code for all game currency from our site. is one of the best site for buying cheap and safe ArchLord Gold online, if you have any troubles during the ordering process, please let us know. Check twice before you submit the order, in case of invalid order that may waste your precious time. 
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