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Atlantica Online Gold News & Guides

Atlantica Online Quest Special Farm Guide for 2018

   Atlantica Online Guide   PC Games   MMORPG   2018-05-19 08:43:54
Atlantica Online is the honorable product of NDOORS Corporation online game company on Brazil and Microsoft Windows. I don’t know what’s the Brazil platform is but it won’t influence my gameplay and interest. Nexon is also one of the developer but not main developer, but still should have be mentioned for its reputation in game industry. As for The9 and Gamania, there’re a pair of unknown small game studio I guess, drop it. For the first month of the game’s release, it create a 1,000+ download good grades, but later on there are tiding trend. Till now, the game has been in service for more ten years and received good review from gamers and social media.

Malevolent Fortress Atlantica Online

If there are more participants, another fishing event will pop-up shortly after the first round. We would like to inform everyone that Atlantica Online NA shall perform a regular server maintenance, this procedure will be for the server refresh. The Cute Pajamas are a drop from monsters inside Silent Detroit. Many mobs drop it as loot, in Silent Detroit if you have both the title quest and Amy's Clothes Bag quest from the Roboto's Love side quest.
Maximum of 10 instances will be held simultaneously, maximum of 25 players can participate per instance. The number of coupons will increase per hour and everyone can earn up to 6 coupons and a Honey Jar Key! A box that contains various items and materials, and the prestigious weapon: Washington’s Blunderbuss. Let’s protect your gaming progress by Use the Cheap Atlantica Online Gold store Note that you can start convincing wandering mercenaries as soon as you hit level 30, and the amount you have to give the mercenary to get them to join you goes up every time you level. Understand that the Rankings here are based on speed, not surviving; if you’re focusing on surviving then you’ve already failed. Offense is the best defense, even when it comes to the long-term Infinity Challenge.

Atlantica Day April

The fishing event is suitable for every gamers to take part in everyday, you will get five Spring Stamp which is sent directly to the mailbox. These coupons can be exchanged for weapons to the Atlanta Cong NPCs located in Rome! Click on the Reset button in the quest log and see the Quest Reset list. If you want to reset one of these quests, obtain the appropriate Secrets of Time book. Collect as much Secret Book as you can for your portable inventory/bag.
Hope our gamers of Atlantica Online will enjoy their game with sufficient Atlantica Online Gold and enough patience to level up to the top level. If you don’t know how to exchange your gold into experience for your character to fill the experience slot to reach next level. In my memory, Nexon games always good in quality but poor in graphics. You are the most special gamer in the game, retrieve your confidence of rescuing the world from your opponent’s govern. The world map are based on real world, guess where is here?
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