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Apex Legends Coins News & Guides

Apex Legends Season 18 Weapon Guide: How to Choose the Best Weapons in Season 18

Apex Legends Season 18 is available for players now, many players are striving for climbing to the top rank board in the game. In order to make good performance in the match, it is necessary for players to choose the powerful weapons in Season 18. We are going to list best weapons for you in the article. Players can use Cheap Apex Legends Coins to get the latest battle pass for good rewards.
How to Choose Best Weapons in Apex Legends Season 18
S-tier Weapons
The C.A R deals excellent damage in short and medium range encounters. If you’re able to learn the recoil pattern, you can take down enemies in no time. The versatility of being able to switch between heavy and light ammo cannot be understated. If you have the chance, pick this weapon up as it performs nearly as well as the R-99.
The R-99 is still a solid choice for SMGs and can put out great damage in close and mid-range fights, even with the Season 17 slight nerf. The recoil is very easy to get used to and is improved with the laser sight attachments. For close quarters combat, the R-99 is the undisputed king.
Nemesis Burst AR
The latest arrival to the Apex Legends arsenal is the Nemesis Burst AR, and it's an excellent option for mid-range engagements. Armed with a four-round burst that keeps on firing when the trigger is held, the rifle also has an energy meter that fills up.
If you land your shots, 16.5% of charge is added to the meter resulting in an increase in fire rate. For mid-range and some long-distance scenarios, few guns come close to the Nemesis.
The Mastiff is a high-damage weapon that requires you to play aggressively. The weapon has had a turbulent history, with downsides of lacking refillable ammo and a sizeable reload animation that can obscure your vision.
Fortunately, the weapon does reload relatively fast, can is very much a capable gun within the right hands of a player who likes to push.
Peacekeeper - Shotgun
This shotgun has always been a deadly contender for the top gun in Apex Legends. When the game was first released, this and the Wingman dominated loadouts. With weapon stocks now being compatible with shotguns and a golden shotgun bolt added to the game, it’s gotten even better. This gun can two-headshot nearly any combination of armor and helmets except Lv 2\3 helmet with red armor…then it takes three.
In Season 18: Resurrection this shotgun has been made even more deadly with the addition of Disruptor Rounds. This makes it deal increased damage to shielded targets, so you can shred their armor faster even without all the pellets landing.
Prowler - Care Package Submachine Gun
The Prowler has gone back into the Care Package in Season 18: Resurrection and it is deadly. It has been given the Select Fire receiver, so you can swap back and forth between burst and full-auto.
The Prowler's rate of fire and accuracy is so close to perfect that even in the hands of someone inexperienced with handling it, it's smooth as butter. No matter what weapon you have, swap it out for this if you ever get the chance.
These mentioned weapons are powerful in Apex Legends Season 18. Players can try to familiar with these weapons and choose the right one in battle. And you can also Buy Apex Legends Coins to unlock the new legends and skins in the game shop.
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