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Vainglory Ices News & Guides

Advanced Gameplay Tips for Starting Out In Vainglory

   Vainglory Beginner Guide   Beginner Strategies   iOS Game   2019-04-19 08:54:53
Vainglory is one of the most promising MOBAs on mobile where you destroy all your opponent’s defensive turrets, make your way to the enemy base, and shatter the huge crystal full of a magical substance called Vain. For those who just started the game, below, we is sharing you with you some advanced tips on how to kick ass in this excellent iOS game. Now, let’s go for tips. Also, if you are in need of Cheap Vainglory Ices, you can also come to our website.


Since you are starting, stay with the recommended items for now; but from time to time read their descriptions so you know what they do. you'd get a better grasp of how to build on your own that way.
Offense: Weapon items (red) enhances your basic attacks while crystal items (blue) empowers your hero's abilities.
Defense: Green means health, shields (yellow) are for crystal items, and armors (bronze) are for weapon items.
Carrys (lane) - Ringo, Skaarf, Celeste
Jungler (jungle) - Glaive, Taka, Koshka
Captain (support) - Ardan and Catherine
To learn every hero and find the ones that suit you best, try battle royale and get a feel for a few heroes. When you are interested in a herp, try them out during free hero rotation or practice solo to test if you really want them(make sure that you spend on heroes that you really want because glory is hard to come by if you don't play alot).
For easy heroes to play I recommend ringo catherine and skaarf before moving on to other heroes. Follow the recommended builds or try vaingloryfire for builds.
Get into the habit of checking your minimap as much as possible. You gain a ton of information from just this. Be careful when you don't see enemies on the map. It is very likely they are moving as a unit somewhere and possibly setting up a gank. Map awareness is your absolute best friend in any position.
Objectives > Kills. Basically, don't chase kills unless you are sure to secure it. If a teamfight breaks out across the map, it is usually better to secure a turret (or dragon if you are a character who can solo it quickly) than it is to try and make it to the fights. This goes hand in hand with tip 1 as well. If you see a bunch of enemies pushing top, and you are on bottom, be aggressive and push turret knowing that if an enemy is defending, they have no reinforcements.
Clear minion waves before initiating a fight. This is a big one. Always be sure to maintain minion waves so they are pushing in your favour before looking for fights. This insures that you wont lose turrets to minions across the map during the fight, as well as applying pressure to the enemy. They can either fight you and lose turrets, or retreat and leave you some easy kills, or an easy dragon take. It is of utmost importance to always keep your minion waves pushing in your favour in any situation, but especially before team fights.


That’s end of this beginner guide. Hopefully, it will give you some easy time at the beginning of the game.
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