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NBA Live 19 Coins News & Guides

NBA Live 19: NBA Live 19’s Icon System, An Evolved Progression System of NBA Players

Over recent decades, as NBA players in the real world constantly perfect their skills, most of them are no longer confined to a simple label or category. For example, Rim Protectors have become offensive focal points, Backcourt Defenders are dishing dimes. However, in the virtual world of basketball gaming, due to the limitation of systems in NBA games, players are set to be a well-rounded game scorers.


So, this year, a fascinating change comes to the player progression in NBA Live 19. NBA Live 19 introduces a NBA Live 19’s Icon System which is aimed at adding more depth and flexibility to created players. Now let’s break it down and find more details.



First ,there are a few key points we need to pay attention to.

1.Each Icon gives exclusive gameplay abilities, ratings boosts, and gear/animation unlocks
2.Icons are associated with Playstyles, so each Playstyle will have unique Icons that no other Playstyle will have access to
3.Each Icon is inspired by a current or retired player, channeling what makes these players special.
4.Icons are unlocked and equipped which means gamers can change their Icon at any time between games (similar to Traits).

Break down an icon

Take the Reaper, a Wing Shooter Icon based on the image of Kevin Durant as an example for description.As shown in the following picture, The Reaper’s Icon Ability will give you a boost to both dribbling and finishing after you make a three-point shot.The Reaper’s Icon Skill is dribbling, so this Icon will be able to progress to an 85 Dribble Rating.The Skill Boosts, listed on the right side of the screenshot above, will give you both Dunk and Layup boosts to enhance your finishing ability. In addition, The Icon Ability Upgrade is divided into three tiers:a bronze tier, a silver tier and a golden tier.The bronze tier of The Reaper will reward you with KD’s jump shot, and his KD7 “Good Apples” kicks.The silver tier features unlockable rewards such as a KD exclusive celebration that captures his chill personality, as well as a signature Layup package. So, is you want to upgrade your icon, you can buy Cheap NBA live 19 Coins on

NBA live 19 icon

Switching Icons
The new icon system features its flexibility as you are allowed to swap your icons based on your match-up, team strategy, or even just your mood. For example ,you can swap from KD’s The Reaper to The Legend inspired by Larry Bird. Equipping The Legend will mold your Wing Shooter into a dangerous passer who can space the floor and hit the open man when the defense overcommits.

Even More Choice
If you are still not satisfied with the two icons, then choose The Triple Threat, a third Wing Shooter Icon inspired by 2015 WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne. The Triple Threat Icon Skill is Rebounding, resulting in a knockdown-shooter who can also contribute on the boards. This Icon Skill, combined with boosts to passing and shot blocking, makes Triple Threat a very versatile Icon selection.

Form The Reaper, The Legend to The Triple Threat, the NBA Live 19’s Icon System offers fans more varity to dominate on the court.There are more than 100,000 Icon combinations on a five-player team, and you might even see more in the future.
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