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NBA 2K19 MT News & Guides

NBA 2K19, Another Significant Heap in Its History

   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   Sports Games   NBA 2K19 Features   NBA 2K19 News   2018-09-12 08:56:36
NBA 2K19 is around the corner, marking the 20th anniversary of NBA 2k series. Since its release in 1999, NBA 2k series have always delivered quiet, subtle improvements over outright revolution every year. This year, NBA 2K 19 made a significant heap in quality. However, NBA 2k19 isn’t a perfect product. It still has some minor gripes. Generally speaking, NBA 2k19 marks another triumph for developers Visual Concepts.

NBA 2K19 review

Let’s check out those shortcomings and improvements in detail.

The most notable improvement of NBA 2K19 is its adjustments in gameplay, especially the enhanced on-the court skills of players, which makes a experience that’s closer to reality and brings players a more calculated and authentic basketball sim. Takeover is the biggest highlight to the gameplay. With takeover, you are offered the ability to enhance or hurt a player’s key attribute. For example, you can activate Takeover when you try to make a couple shots in a row with a sharp shooter.There are seven Takeover archetypes in all, each affecting key areas such as passing, defense, finding lanes, and rebounding. Besides, some star players have multiple Takeover abilities as well. Tweaks to both offense and defense help create a more well-rounded and ultimately fair experience. The shot meter’s color can be modified and placed in a variety of positions alongside your player. The shot meter stays with you on all shots now, including layups. so in NBA 2K19, players will be less likely to miss layups. Buy Cheap NBA 2K19 MT at Huge discount will be released for all of our 2K games' in-game currency on holiday.


Compared with NBA2K 18, NBA2K 19 has a more streamlined, more believable story dubbedThe Way Back.” It tells a story that a created player left for China to restart his basketball career after not getting drafted. Finally he makes it to the G-League and eventually, the NBA. Along the way, you develop rivalries, forge relationships, and learn to become a team player. For the first few hours of MyCareer, the story is told through wonderfully rendered cutscenes. These cutscenes are lengthy and noticeably better than previous entries in terms of production value. The writing is a step up from earlier efforts, and there are some genuinely funny bits of dialogue.

Perhaps another great highlight is the variety of game mode. Generally. NBA 2K19 has all the standard game modes of basketball games and NBA manages to create more innovative modes. Take the MyGM mode for example. It casts players in the role of a team's General Manager. It comes in two varieties, story or basic. The story mode uses text-based cutscenes to connect all the big decisions and games, while basic mode cuts out all the story stuff.

Sadly, NBA 2k 19 still has some annoying flaws.

MyTeam is very similar to the Ultimate Team, like a lateral move. MyTeam still craves your hard-earned cash. Earning enough in-game tokens for new packs is a laborious process. Microtransactions are constantly offered and almost appealing. Besides, there is no live-to life movements in Franchise mode.Huge discount will be released for all of our 2K games' in-game currency on holiday. is one of the best seller of NBA 2K19 MT. We promise Cheapest Price and Fastest Delivery for you.

In a world, even with its annoying shortcomings NBA 2K19 is the best basketball games available. Changes over the last year made a significant leap in its player experience and made it a worth try for players.
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