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My NBA 2K17 RP News & Guides

My NBA 2K17: Best Guides for Beginners to Play like a Pro

   My NBA 2K17 RP   My NBA 2K17 Guides   2017-04-25 08:48:53
My NBA 2K17 is the mobile edition of NBA 2K17, developed by 2K Australia and published for iOS and Android by 2K Sports on 23 September 2016. It is a basketball simulation game, which strives to realistically depict the experience of the NBA and continuously update the players database from the real-life NBA.
Today we will show you the most helpful and effective Tips & Guides for All Tiers of gamer to Play like a Pro! Especially for beginners, but also benefit for veterans certainly! We’ve collected and combed the game tricks and it’s time for share it for you that will help you win more and build the best team!
The Best Tips and Guides of My NBA 2K17 For Beginners
Keep the Players in Right Position
Although many player can play as several role, such as Michael Jordan can play well equally at Shooting Guard, Small Forward, and Outfielder. But the Best position for him still be the SG. In most of situations, it’s vital to put players in their preferred position as this gives you a bonus to their stats in the game! But that will not be absolute forever, once you got a very good card that you can’t use, for example, you got two Epic cards in one position, you can just put on one of them, but the other one you can utilize to replace a weak player in your team. Though it can’t get any stats boost, but it will still surpass the former weaker one!

Play the Seasons
No matter you are a rookie or a veteran, it’s a way you cannot ignored, that is the Seasons. For every season match win, you can get decent rewards such as coins and packs. In order to win more in Season Mode, you should have a meter that’s full or close to full before starting out, and you will also need some energy refills with you. Make sure you have maxed out your energy cards and as soon as you start using them, go play quick games to get more and always keeping your players fresh.
Make use of the Auction House
Firstly, you can make profits from the bargains. Once you find a player card in auction list is in lower-than-average price, whether it’s good or not, snatch it without hesitation. Then you can choose to put in back to AH with a average price or even a little higher. Some badly needed money player will sale cards in low prices, that’s not common to find but certainly exist. Pay more attention to it while the AH refreshes.
Secondly, The AH is a great way to get Legend or Epic players. On contrary, it will also be a great place for you to sold your unwanted card. If you have a lot of rare cards playing the same position, you can try selling them for some quick profits. Keep the prices low as there’re few people willing to spend too much on a normal card.

Know the Modes
Just like real-life basketball can be played in different ways, solo, 3v3, 5v5, My NBA 2K17 has various ways to play as well.
Quick Game – This mode allows you to start a quick game with a preset rules. You start with your lineup of five cards and pick up your opponent. It contains four matches, and at the end if you got more points you win the game and rewards.
Season – The Season includes total 82 matches. You should manage your energies in order to keep players stats max. Energy cards can be won in Quick Games. Rewards are based on your final place in the standings, including playoffs if you make it that far.
Blacktop Challenge – This is a fast game mode. Games will be limited by time. Blacktop challenge is the most involved game mode and it requires largest deck, so you might want to put the Challenge off until you got enough experience of the game.

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