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Madden Overdrive Account News & Guides

Madden NFL Overdrive New Madden Mobile Game, More Details and Update For Mobile Devices Arrives

EA announced Madden NFL Overdrive as the next generation of Madden mobile games. A new name represents a brand new game for mobile devices that has been rebuilt from the ground up. What it is, what's changed, and what you can expect when you fire it up. We've got everything you need to know about Madden Overdrive. The game has a new mode: Overdrive. This new game mode has you play in real-time against a pre-set defense in real time.
You can find all the improvements introduced by EA in the latest update. Installing the latest update will replace the name of the game and will bring a host of brand new gameplay features that basically changes how Madden NFL Overdrive Football plays:


1. Captains Academy training program to boost your skills;
2. A fresh engine for stunningly realistic visuals;
3. Easy-to-understand Stores, replacing complicated Sets;
4. Captains and Coaches, who propel your strategy and provide unique advantages;
5. More choices when you earn rewards;
6. No Stamina requirements - play as often as you like;
7. Overdrive Mode - fill your Overdrive meter to unleash tactics in real-time PvP.
Madden NFL Overdrive promises the biggest and most significant update to ever hit Madden NFL Mobile. If you beloved this report and you would like to get far more data with regards to Cheap Madden Mobile Coins kindly check out the site. EA Sports says Madden NFL Overdrive will get a major graphical reboot compared to the current game, along with improvements in real-time physics and broadcast-style presentation. Scoring will be different as well, as you will earn points for everything your team does on the field, including rushing and passing yards.
As phones progress and get more powerful it allows for games to do more on the devices. EA also says Madden NFL Overdrive will have real-time physics and broadcast-style presentation which will help add a sense of realism to the mobile version. Use this 3%-off coupon to buy Cheap Madden Mobile Coins from our site: "MMOCSVIP". The latest Madden NFL Mobile tied directly into Madden NFL 18's Longshot story mode and represented the start to the story.

Latest Madden NFL Mobile


How to Score Points in Overdrive?
What really matters in Overdrive is the scoring system, one that, at least on the surface, appears to make multiple play styles viable. For example, Rodney Hudson gives your team a bonus once you've rushed for five or more yards five times. As you level up your captain, the bonus points given go up. An added dimension comes in the form of captain bonuses. Every team's captain has a specific criteria that, when met, gives you a one-time bonus per game.
Playing PvP matches will also help you in these modes, such as earning new fans, increasing your XP, and ranking up for rewards. Players will have a variety of ways to earn in-game items, including daily and weekly events, challenges, and by acquiring players through an auction house or from player packs.
Madden NFL Overdrive transforms the way you play the game with the introduction of Player vs. Player. Here is our page - These are quick-hitting, fierce offensive battles with one simple goal. These experiences will all be elevated by everything you do in PvP. You'll earn fans, increase your XP, and rank up for rewards that can be redeemed in each of those game modes. Your Captain, the leader of your team as well as your Coach, also factors into how quickly your Overdrive meter fills during a Vs match.
Last season, Madden Mobile was a training-fest, in the sense that your goal was to acquire Elite players and then train them up to their maximum level of overall stats. It used to be that pretty much anything you did in Madden Mobile earned you XP toward increasing your player level.
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