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Final Fantasy XIV Gil News And Guides

  • FF14: What are the disadvantages and advantages of Final Fantasy 14 for newcomers to the game

    It is really Suitable for JRPG lovers. The current version has reached 4.0 expansion. The plot is the main element before the full level. All in all, most of the experience before the full level is: watching the plot-playing mobs / playing online four-player book / playing online eight-player book-watching the plot. In the 2.0 period, when the plot...

    2020-12-08 09:18:39

  • Early Access for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers Begins And How to Get Early Access

    The early access for most anticipated FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers for has finally arrived. As the biggest expansion released for the game yet,  Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers will bring a massive narrative revelation,  a new level cap of 80, nine new dungeons, two new raids, two new classes, and a marketing engine that e...

    2019-07-01 09:08:19

  • Final Fantasy XIV Gil Farming Guide - Best Ways to Make Gil Fast and Easy In The Game

    I see many players complain bankcruptcy and can’t afford to buy a house on Final Fantasy XIV. If you are in the same boat as well, then this Gil farming guide is exactly what you need. Below, I have listed some best ways to earn Gil that benefit me a lot when I play the game. Now, let’s dive in, shall we? Fist, the easiest and...

    2019-05-27 08:56:30

  • Get Free Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward DLC before June 27

    Starting from from May 2 th until June 27, Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion:Heavensward expansion is free on PC, PS4, and Mac for a limited time. However, anyone who claims it before the deadline will have permanent access. Here are some important things you should know to get free Heavensward DLC.   While the DLC will be ...

    2019-05-10 08:58:31

  • Final Fantasy XIV Dancer and Gunbreaker Job Guide

    Final Fantasy XIV newest expansion, Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers is set to release in July. Along with it, it bring us two new jobs in the game: The Dancer Job and The Gunbreaker job. So, how to unlock both new jobs? What new skills and abilities do they embody? You will find all answers here in this guide.   How to unlock the dancer job...

    2019-04-12 08:52:46

  • Final Fantasy XIV Tales from the Storm Background Story

    Final Fantasy XIV Little Ladies’ Day Event has passed two month, there are a similar event happens here. All FFXIV Online use can access to the game today to collect all Certificate of Collaboration by finishing tasks(easy) and exchange it for special event items(exclusive in this event). Ul’dah, Steps of Nald(X:9.2 Y:9.1) is the locati...

    2018-06-23 08:58:11

  • Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Farming in Beast Tribes Guide

    We love well-informed player of Final Fantasy XIV, because they know where to buy Cheapest FFXIV Gil and how to save money from every aspects in the game without spending extra money and vain efforts. We release this Final Fantasy XIV Guide for gamers to master the new summer vacation update of the game in 2018. With any luck, Crystal Too...

    2018-05-31 09:18:12

  • Final Fantasy XIV Update Under the Moonlight Contents May 16

    Under the much anticipations, heroes continue the fight for kingdom. Every old gamers known that the v1.0 of FFXIV are fail production, and soon went back to the forge for regenerating. FFXIV features more gamers than Mabinogi, and gamers of both gamers shown a phenomenon of FFXIV gamers are more likely to be interested in scenario plots. Adventure...

    2018-05-17 08:48:23

  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Details and Guides

    Final Fantasy XIV 4.1 update coming! Gist summary: Red Wings, New Custom Delivery Provider, Hildibrand Comeback, Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain Mode. This update note will inform you of new features of Final Fantasy XIV 4.1. And we provide best FF14 Gil for you to master the new edition of Final Fantasy. If you haven’...

    2017-11-24 09:18:25

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