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FIFA Mobile Coins News & Guides

A Quick-Start Guide for Mastering The Attack Mode in FIFA Mobile

FIFA 19 gets a spin-off for smart phones named as FIFA Mobile and FIFA Mobile is heading into the next season in the upcoming November. Attacking mode is one of the most popular modes in the game. FIFA Mobile’s Attack mode provides asynchronous football matches where players take turns to score goals for their clubs. Attack mode is the quickest way to earn XP and coins, as well as fans, where the XP is crucial to level up, which unlock tactics and increases the Energy Cap. So it is very important to win matches in attacking mode. Luckily, in this article, we provide some tips and tricks for you to improve your gameplay skills when taking your turns in FIFA Mobile Attack Mode.

attacking mode seasons

We already know that FIFA Mobile season one had undergone massive changes for the new season of the very popular “Attack Mode”. For Season One, EA turned “Attack Mode” into a seasonal challenge mode that rewards players with cool and exclusive rewards. One notable change is that the length of a single season is essentially being cut in half. The new season of FIFA Mobile redesigned vs Attack mode featuring more fluid player movement, improved passes along with a completely reworked shooting system, which now puts a larger emphasis on the players' attributes. You can check the following video for the FIF Mobile trailer. By the way, if you look for Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins, come to our website:, where you can use the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount to make a good deal. As always, we will promise a fast and safe order for our customers.

Trusting AI control 

If you still are not able to score goals easily, leave the game to the Auto-play feature. In FIFA Mobile, if you don’t touch the Virtual Stick while playing, the AI will take over your play and usually it will do a good job. Follow the AI scoring techniques if you need to know how to score goals. Keep in mind that during the Autoplay you can still decide on passes and shots by tapping and swiping on the screen. So next time, when the match starts, leave it to AI to control your players. Chances of scoring a goal are more with AI in control of your team.

Try to score when your turn comes

Give your best to score every attacking opportunity. You will get set-piece opportunities in FIFA Mobile Attack Mode turns. A goalless session won’t earn you any XP, coins or fans so try to score at least one goal to get rewards. When you challenge a player, it’s you who will play first. Tap on a player’s club icon and then tap the play button to start a match. Free kicks are the best opportunities for scoring. You can also score easy goals when taking corner kicks.


Shooting strategies

As for shooting tips I would suggest you to give less power to your shots when trying to score goals within the penalty box. Usually giving too much power to the shot will cause your ball to go off the target, hit the bar or to be saved by the keeper. So, sometimes a quick & gentle tap on the Shoot button can finish up with brilliant goals. While if you try to shoot a ball with longer distance,the use a combination of stick controls and taps/swipes if you are controlling your players. A swipe towards the goal can be more effective than pressing the shoot button. Remember that the faster you swipe, the more powerful your shot.
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